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John Wolfe: Artisan Pipe Maker Featured in Indy News

By Ruth Serven: Indy Star During the day, John Wolf is a carpenter. Late at night, he’s a Domino’s deliveryman. But for a few hours each evening, he gets to do what he truly loves: sit at a table in a hot warehouse and carve tobacco pipes. Wolf, 25, has used and admired pipes for years. Five months ago, he moved his young family from Michigan to Indianapolis, following his dream of becoming a pipe maker. Rather than learning the craft on his own, Wolf apprenticed himself to Nate King, who ownsRead More

Beginners: Start Here

In browsing the for estate pipes of my favorite types and brands as I so often so, and looking for news articles to share or subjects to write about, I came across this little gem. Never thought to look at amazon for smoking pipe hobby materials, but lo and behold, here they were. There are a number of well known provider of pipe kits and beginner tools and materials, but this is a very exciting way to get some starter pipes to practice and hone your sanding, blasting and staining, andRead More

Sweet Peach Tea

By Melissa Sperka: Parade Magazine Sweet tea is widely considered to be the house wine of the South.  When peaches are at their peak,  you can enjoy this  fruity warm weather specialty combining sweet tea with the favored fruit of Summer.  For the best results choose peaches that are sightly soft to the touch and fragrant.   Peach tea can be sweetened  to your taste and the amount can vary slightly depending on the sweetness of the peaches.  Chill to allow the flavors to combine then pour over frozen peachRead More