Friday, May 11th, 2012


Organic: Bringing Nature to Your Pipe

We profiled some of up-and-comer Thomas Bazant’s work previously. Read more about him HERE. But the other day a picture of this Deer Stalker showed up on my Facebook page. Allow me to take you through my progression of thought on this very unique piece, clearly opening my intellect to the fact that first impressions are not always as lasting as one might think. First thought: What have you done?! I am the kinda guy that really likes a rusticated pipe. Because of this, I tend to attract other rusticatedRead More

Pipe Tobacco and Tea: Two Enjoyable Leaves

Photo Credit: E. Roberts © 2012 Are you, like myself, one who enjoys a great cup of tea? It seems that many pipe smokers do. I had known, but this article reinforces the fact that tea (of all varieties) is the most popular prepared beverage in the world, and second only to water in worldwide consumption. I just like a good cup of tea at work, and in the evening when/if I have time to enjoy a pipe. Studying tea can be as exciting and informative as studying tobacco.Read More

Pipedia: A Wiki for Pipes

In looking at the traffic to the blog, some of the most frequently visited topics are typically the ones that provide a database of information. Articles tat show where to go to get more information about pipes and pipe smoking are seemingly hot topics. Well here’s another one for you to bookmark: Pipedia. Pipedia, is a wiki-based web site that is chalk full of useful topics and pageful information to the pipe smoker and pipe collector. Like most wiki’s the set-up will seem familiar and the site is very intuitiveRead More