Tuesday, August 14th, 2012


John Harden Reviews the Morgan Briar Cigar

You probably remember the contest we had a month or so ago in cooperation with Chris Morgan from Morgan Pipes where we gave away a Morgan Briar Cigar. Well, the winner was John Harden, and he posted this review on Youtube of his impressions of the Briar Cigar. Thanks John for sharing!

The Works of Benni Jorgensen

While I make my bones on the internet blogging, reporting, researching networking, etc, I recognize that sometimes the “best” is not always the most advanced, but more often the best if simply done ‘the way it used to be’. I ran across a piece of work made by Benni Jorgensen a few months ago and have been trying to find out more about him and his pipes since that time. Near as I could tell, he did not have his own web site, and yet his pipes were available fromRead More