Friday, June 20th, 2014


On Tap – Nitrogenated Coffee

I have the blessing of living in the coffee rich area of the Pacific Northwest. No, we do not grow beans here, but we sure know how to make a great cup of coffee. Here, craft roasted coffee beans and craft brewed coffee is as wild a craze as craft brewed beers. While I doubt it will ever reach the volume of the beer industry, it is a rapidly growing market. Discounting water, tea – including all varieties, is the most consumed beverage on the world. Second behind that isRead More

How Legalized Drug Use is Harming Legitimate Tobacco Businesses

With Washington and Colorado now legalizing recreation use of marijuana, all sorts of issues are cropping up. As with any other law that is passed based on emotion, before the legal, social and very practical implications of such laws are extrapolated to their ends, bad things are now happening. In Washington State as an example, traffic accidents are up as are drivers arrested with marijuana in their system. Yet the State refuses to see a correlation between the nearly 25% rise of automobile accidents, and the increase of the presenceRead More