Monday, June 30th, 2014


Tobacco Industry Research Reports: Astounding

Have you ever wondered about the tobacco industry? How is its health financially? What are the trends? Is it an industry to capitalize on for investment purposes? In what countries is smoking in general and pipe smoking specifically seeing growth and why? I’m not sure too many of us sit around pondering the trends is the industry. More likely we sit about puffing on our favorite blend enjoying the afternoon or evening, as much as we do wondering about anything with regards to the industry in general. As long asRead More

Why Briar & Not Something Else

I found this article by industry stalwart and knowledge base Russ Ouellette over at, and thought it was worth a re-post nod, especially for those just getting involved in briar smoking pipes. Here’s a snippet, but for the whole read you’ll have to click through to Pipes & Cigars. Full Credit to Russ Ouellette and Pipes & Cigars for this fine article. You all should be following Russ on Facebook anyway. Why Briar and Not Something Else? For anyone living in the last hundred years or so, when aRead More