The Heavy Huhn

I have come to know craftsman Kurt Huhn pretty well over the last couple of years. Sharing hobbies outside of smoking pipes made that a little easier. A little over a year ago my family and I moved to a 5 acre farm outside the city of Tenino, Washington, and as we have begun to get settled in over the last year, fun times and making memories were mixed heavily with fixing broken appliances, fixing counter-tops, changing toilets, recovering a scotch-broom forest into some semblance of a yard and generally managing the 5 acres while  engineering it into a small farm.

This weekend I had a fabulous time reminiscing about the past 10 years or so of my life with some life-long friends, and while looking up some old pictures today came across these photos that I intended to use in publication , but never did. These are pictures I took of one of my first artisan pipes I ever owned, and still dearly love and enjoy. It’s an extra-large Kurt Huhn blasted billiard that has a lot of character.

I was just sitting in the back yard that Friday, enjoying the cool weather and a break from the week’s work. Working on some blog posts and managing to get a bowl of CD Blend in along the way.

I really like this pipe – it’s fat, fits well in my hand, has significant grain character brought out by the blasting style that Kurt has, and I love. Thought I’d share these few shots of a really cool pipe with a view in the background that I had become very familiar with.

Glad to know Kurt, and glad to have this pipe.

More pics below.


DSC08231 DSC08232 DSC08233 DSC08234

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