Smoke Signals in the Shade of the Speyer Dome: Pipe Show in Germany

By Guest Author James Gilliam
Sitting down and deciding witty words to write about a pipe show aren’t always in the cards. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t  My initial intent was to stun the world with my poetic prose, but for some unfortunate reason I don’t really see that happening at this moment. So what is the driver behind this little expose you ask? “The last big pipe and tobacco show I’m going to be able to attend this year” would be my response.  On most of the forums throughout the folks have reported on Chicago, Richmond, New York, etc, etc, etc; so this is my little story on what is aptly titled “Pipemakers meeting Friends – Smoke Signals in the Shade of the Speyer Dome” or “Pfeifenmacher treffen Freunde – Rauchzeichen im Shatten des Speyerer Dom”.
And I must say I was one of the most enjoyable weekends of the year; well pipeshows normally are. Everybody gets a chance to catchup, sell some wares, buy some wares, meet new people, enjoy a cordial drink, eat some good food, etc, etc, etc. The list of makers, retailers, refurbishers is quite different than a show your attend anywhere else and included the following:
 Yves Bäcksteiner, Norbert Bauer, Jürgen Bischoff, Jürgen Börner, H.-G. Döteberg und G.Faßbänder, Pär Engstrand , Foundation – Peter Hemmer und Massimo Musico, Reinhard Fricke,  James GilliamAxel Glasner, Holger Haettich, Klaus Hahn, Martin Hansen, Dirk Heinemann, Holmer Knudsen, RaiKo – Rainer Kockegey-Lorenz, Pipendoge – Jörg Lehmann,

Mike Lyons, Uwe Maier, Peter Michalski, Steffen W. Müller, Markus Meyer, Werner Mummert, Maike Paessens, Martin Reck, Carsten Ringling, Peter Ruprecht, Frank Stollenwerk, Tobias Scheffe, Petra Schlosser, Colja Schoppe, Jan Harry Seiffert, Tommi Teichmann, Hans Wiedemann, Klaus Zenz, and Hajo Ziglowski

Most of the names listed above have active links to their websites, so feel free to peruse their sites and place an order on what ended up being made since the show and returning home after the show. You will not be let down, as there was tons of quality work available.
So on to the pictues. A huge  thank you goes out to Jürgen (Bibi) Bischoff and Uwe Maier for sharing thieir photos…. and more are available off the German Pipe Makers forum under albums  
I’m sure I left a few people out, but these are the pictures I downloaded yesterday to Tom so he can post it. So to those not in this little story I apologize, please follow the links off the names above to the websites of each individual maker. You can also look through all the posted pictures off of this link 
Now we come to the end of the story… as they say at the show “Nach Speyer is Vor Speyer” “After Speyer is Before Speyer”.  If you happen to be in Germany Oct 18, 2014… come on by .. I’d be glad to sell you a pipe 😉

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  1. dm14 says:

    Hello, in the pfeifenmacher photo album I see some very interesting leather pipe bags.Do you happen to remember who makes them?Thank you in advance.

  2. jogilli says:

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  3. I’m not sure, but like you, I like those bags, they are very nice.

  4. Max says:

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    I really enjoyed this post. You describe this topic very well. I really enjoy reading your blog and I will definitely bookmark it! Keep up the interesting posts
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  6. You’re welcome and thanks for reading!

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