Despite Hatred, Tobacco Funds Retirements

Every day we see new legislation being introduced and more vile being spewed against those who choose to use tobacco in their lives. Whether smoking or smokeless, tobacco users have become persona non grata in most social circles. Banned from sports fields, public parks, even in some private businesses. This is not just a trend here in the States, this seems to be a world-wide trend. While there is certainly merit to health risks involved with tobacco use, and something that needs to be understood by each user, the trend is against personal individual rights and towards governmental control in ever intimate aspect of our lives. This trend is over-reaching not only from one who is the occasional user of tobacco products, but from one who is a lover of liberty, and has a reasonable expectation for those liberties to be unmolested. At least in those areas of the world where liberty still exists…

All this aside, Americans love the American Dream. The freedom to make a life of your choosing. To be able through your own efforts, build a successful family, buy a home, and one day retire into old age sitting on a porch swing with your dream girl.

Ah, retirement. Sweet tea, a cool breeze and a pipe full of your favorite blend. But to accomplish this, one must have funds upon which to retire. It seems that despite the social hatred given towards tobacco, that a growing number of those who would surely show contempt towards tobacco users are more than willing to invest in the product that these delinquent use in order to sip that sweet tea at a ripe old age.

Tobacco producers, firearms manufacturers and other “sin” products are consistently bringing in dividends that retirees and future retirees are looking for. Here’s just one such article referring to the Altria Group, the parent company for Philip Morris USA, John Middleton, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, and Ste. Michele Wine Estates.

The good news is that companies like Altria are doing well. In other news, that the leftist liberty stealers seeking to abolish your personal right to choose are also killing their own retirements and most of them don;t even know it. Just like a good hypocrite to ruin himself at his own hand. Seems apropos.

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