Surprise and Surprise!

Back on October 1st, Born Again Briar/Briar Meditations, along with J&J Hand Made Artisan Pipes teamed up to give away and awesome pipe of their creation. It was a great promotion, and we love to do them for our readers and followers. As a matter of fact, this is the second time that J&J has participated in such a promotion, and I want to thank then again for being part of bringing joy to the pipe world. But when we chose the winner, we knew this was going to be different, an very exciting at the same time.

As luck, fate, or the hand of God would have it, the name we drew as the winner was Alicia Bertolero. I sent her a private message to inform her, and was I in for a story!

Alica was very happy to be the winner.  She is not a pipe smoker herself, although many are, but the pipe was going to be a gift for her husband, Nic, whom I had recently met on the Born Again Briar Facebook page as a semi-frequent poster. The first thing our new winner did was ask me to do her a favor – “Please don’t tell anyone”. Wow. Not telling anyone is counter intuitive to the idea of “promotion”, so I was a little taken aback. But I thought, OK, I’ll hear her out. It was then that Alicia, in her gratitude, began to pour out her hear. When she had finished, she had won ME over, but I told her that I’d have to check with the guys at J&J and see if they were on board as well. After all, this was their promotional event too.

Without getting to personal, it seems Nic and his lovely wife Alicia have been doing their part to bring the next generation of Bertoleros into that world, but have had some set-backs and complications. Some of these complications put Alicia’s life at risk. They way she described it, “we’ve had a rough year in that department”. Alicia’s request to hold off the announcement of the winner was based on her desire to use this gift not only as an anniversary gift for Nic, but also to announce that she was again pregnant!

Here is a video of Alicia gifting the pipe to Nic, and sharing her pregnancy announcement.

Nic was also good enough to do a fine review of the pipe after all the exctiment had cleared. Here’s Nic’s review:
 Nic and Alicia have had their trials. I hope that this little gift that J&J and i could give them blesses them for a long time to come.

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