Chris Askwith’s All Briar Billiard

I just could not pass this one up and not share it with you all. As you probably know by now, Chris Askwith makes some dang fine pipes, and does it from one of the most stunningly beautiful places on earth. I’ll also say that by following Chris on Facebook®, that he eats well doing it!

We see all sorts of shapes and sizes of pipes, from concepts based on some sort of organic portion of creation, to fanciful concoctions that mimic movie props, historical recreations from days of medieval yore, to futuristic interpretations of things yet to come – maybe. Bot for me, it is not so much what the is or represents so much as it is done well. As an example, this well done classic traditional billiard by Chris Askwith is a pipe that most any man would be jealous of. I know I am.

Here’s how Christ describes it on his FB page:

“Today’s creation. Billiard shape with slightly oval tapered shank and stem. Bowl is stained a medium brown, stem is totally natural hand-cut briar with a delrin tenon. Really beautiful grain on both pieces of wood.”

If you are not following Chris Askwith on his Facebook® page, you should be. There is always lots to glean from him there, and Chris is diligent in answering questions and dealing with fans and customer, potential or otherwise. In the case of this pipe, one such fan asked Chris if (since the stem is made from Briar as well), if the stem has a polyurethane coating. Chris responded:

“The mouthpiece is well waxed and as long as it is cared for and not left wet or chewed it should stand up quite well. Obviously this is pipe not really meant for heavy clenching.”

 Find the entire thread and original photos HERE on Chris’ Facebook® page. And while you are at it, look at some of that awesome home cooked goodness he posts! Make yer mouth water!


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