Stanwell and the Rubber Covered 11 Look-Alike: The Mojo 242

I am a big fan of the Stanwell classic shape, the 11. Ask my good friend Thomas Bazant as it took me a while to get one from him all the way over in Austria! But today I ran across a new twist on the 11 Theme. Introducing the rubber coated Mojo 242!

As seen on the web site of the well known pipe shop Esterval’s in Hardebek, Germany, Stanwell is still innovating in the pipe industry. Setting the pipe world on its collective laurels, Stanwell announced in 2009, that it was closing its manufacturing in Denmark, and moving production to Italy. What would happen to the quality? Would the styling be changing? Could we expect the same level of product from the Italian shop, and would product innovation stagnate now that Italian craftsmen might be making decisions? Well, some question remain to be answered in the long-haul, but for the time being, innovation has not stalled. 

From the web advertisement:

“Pipe smoking is primarily about atmosphere, the look and feel of the pipe, the enjoyment of tobacco, and the stories that go with it. The story behind the Mojo pipe begins with the desire to translate all these different aspects into a single pipe for the discerning pipe smoker of today. “Mojo” is a Swahili word that means “feeling”, “heart” and “soul” – and since the region in which Swahili is spoken is also the region where rubber is harvested, it was decided to call this rubber coated pipe Mojo. Its shape is a variation and reinterpretation of a classic pipe design. The packaging seeks to communicate this story and to display the product in a way that tells the consumer that he is getting much more than just a pipe.”

Other models/shapes are also available. Scroll down for more images of more designs like an Apple, Poker, Billiard and Bent Billiard. 

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