Hardest Working Man in the Pipe Business?

James Brown was once affectionately called the hardest working man in show business. Now I cannot state emphatically that Klaus Zenz IS the hardest working man in the pipe business, but I’ll tell you what – if he’s not first, he’s got to be one of the top!

It seems like almost daily Klaus Zenz is announcing a new pipe he’s just completed on his Facebook page. Some days, it is more than one, and we had a day not too long ago when it was 6! Today he has shown us all two more variations on classic Zenz interpretations.

The first is what Klaus calls a Red Egg. This is a smooth Egg shaped pipe with a slight bend to it, and the egg bowl tilting forward like some Dublins, Horns or Zulus. The grain is exquisite running almost purely north and south on the bowl, almost a flame grain, with some small birds-eye exposing itself on the right rear, and blending into a stunning base of the bowl where beautiful full birds-eye transitions into the flame. The rim is contoured in such a way that it is a smooth rounded blend with no top rim of any significance making the whole pipe seem more smooth and rounded. It completes the egg nicely. The coloring is more reddish than a traditional dark red leaning towards brown and definitely adds some excitement to the pipe.

The stem is ebonite, black as coal and shining like a night sky. It is hand-formed with a top flair running from the round shank, and blending into a half-saddle bit. wider at the mouthpiece than the shank, the bit looks gentle and yet ample.

The second pipe mimics the Red Egg in almost every way, as if it were made as a matching pair to go along with the Red Egg. This is a called a Red Volcano. A bit shorter than a lot of Volcanos we see, it might be stout, but it looks strong! The grains run in a very similar fashion, and the stain and stem are identical in design.

I do not know who will wend up with these pipes, but if they do not by them as a pair, they are missing half their investment. Mt advise – buy them both, and do it quickly.

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