New Pipes & News From Bruce Weaver

In an email that Mr. Bruce Weaver sent out to his friends and customers, he revealed much. Family changes, new pipes and more. I thought it would be nice to share this with you all as well.

Following the heat wave here in Brentwood, it’s finally cooling off and I’m feeling feisty, despite having to replace my downstairs air conditioning on Monday. 
“I have great news!  My son and daughter in law have been living in Sacramento for about four years and are moving back to Nashville.  What makes this more exciting is that there will be another grandchild in a few months.  Life’s good!  He recently got a promotion and is proving himself beyond a father’s belief.  I’m so proud and if you give me a call I’ll lull you to submission bragging about my three children and grandchildren!!!
Lately I’ve been having so much fun with pipe making.  I’ve taken a slight break from commissions and have been humoring myself.  No, it’s not another “Pipadelic”!  It’s even more fun.  On the conservative side I have made A CornFish, A CornDog and a DogFish.  All are a combination of classic shapes blended together.  It’s been fun and quite an exciting exercise.  This is what makes pipe making such a joy for me.
In total, there are five new pipes on the site.  Two are not immediately available and this is very exciting.  They have been sent off to Vogue Magazine for a photo shoot.  One or both will be featured in an article for Vogue Hommes Japan.  The article is a styling story is about Gentlemen with a very Sherlock Holmes aesthetic.  They will give me credit in the article and that is really cool.  Very exciting!  Pipes outside our immediate hobby.  I simply can’t get over how wonderful this hobby has been for me.  The two pipes they requested are the smooth brandy and the long shank Bulldog.  Naturally, when the article is finished, a magazine copy will go with the pipe.  Dang, ain’t this fun?!?!  They should be back to me late next week.”

 We all look forward to seeing more news like this from Mr. Weaver in the future.

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