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In looking at the traffic to the blog, some of the most frequently visited topics are typically the ones that provide a database of information. Articles tat show where to go to get more information about pipes and pipe smoking are seemingly hot topics. Well here’s another one for you to bookmark: Pipedia.

Pipedia, is a wiki-based web site that is chalk full of useful topics and pageful information to the pipe smoker and pipe collector. Like most wiki’s the set-up will seem familiar and the site is very intuitive and user friendly. It is frequented by a great many users, and often updated by some major names in the industry, helping to add confidence to the accuracy of the information contained on the site.

Current Pipedia featured pipe by
Kent Rasmussen, and courtesy of Lars Kiel

The main navigation panel sports headings of, Brands and Makers, Materials and Construction, Pipe Making, a very helpful Marks and Logos page and more.

The Pipe Making subsection of Pipedia serves as the Wiki home of the PipemakersForum.com. Much of what appears here is gleaned from that forum. I highly recommend reading and participation in the Pipemakers forum in addition to reading and contributing here on the wiki.

For beginner pipemakers, there is an extensive section on pipe making Materials and Construction that includes a list of tools and resources for pipe making tools and materials.

Knowoing that this site is filled with tons of useful information that would take you weeks if not months to filter through, there is also a page with extensive links to more information in books and other publications. If you are like me, one can never get enough information for your knowledge base.

Check out Pipedia today!

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