My Own Blend: Just What We’ve Been Waiting For


What pipe smoker  has not dreamed at one time or another, to be the tobacconist in charge of putting together your own favorite blend? Well, now you can. Our friends at Pipes and Cigars are ready to make your tobacconist dreams come true.

Recently, Pipes and Cigars launched a new product they call My Own Blend. Booth the plan and the execution are well done. The plan, is to offer an affordable option for pipe smokers internet-wide to be able to choose from a selection of different tobaccos to form their own custom blend. Not only that, you get the added benefit of their expertise in this field by their offering of blend bases to start from. Yes, some rules do apply; things like a minimum order of 8 ounces of your blend, and a graduated price scale (the more you buy the less it costs), but outside of that, just go for it!

Let’s say you have a natural tendency to pick up an English style blend. No problem. Pipes & Cigars notes tell us that a good base for a Basic English blend would be:

  • -4 oz Red Virginia
  • -2 oz Yellow Virginia
  • -2 oz Latakia

That base gets you the solid foundation you are looking for tyo get the flavor where you like it, helps you meet the minimum required 8 ounces, and then explore from there. Other bases start with a blend like:

Basic Virginia/Perique:

  • -5 oz Red Virginia
  • -2 oz Yellow Virginia
  • -1 oz Perique

Basic Aromatic:

  • -3 oz Vanilla
  • -3 oz Peach
  • -2 oz Rum

Using one of these bases might be an excellent way to begin blending your own favorite, but by no means are you held to that. These are just factory suggestions. Additional base components include other individually added tobaccos such as Yellow and Red Virginias, White Burley, Dark Fired, Oriental and more. Flavored additions include Cherry, Whiskey, Rum, Chocolate, Coffee,  Hazelnut and others. Still yet, you can add seasonal notes such as Mango and Pistachio.

Pricing is more than fair, based on the number of ounces purchased:


I found these prices to be quite fair, as the price per pound is acually less than some of the common and more popular blends that I buy at the local Tinder Box Store, where their prices for retail start at $5.75 per ounce.

You’ll also have the opportunity to give a unique name to each new bl;end you try. This way, if you hit one off that you really liked, the ordering system will remember the b lend by name, keeping you from having to replicate the blend from memory. All that said, if my on-line permutation calculator is correct, choosing 6 different tobaccos in your blend from a choice of 22 elements allows for a total of 74,613 different combinations for your blend. If you smoked a bowl a day of each blend for the rest of your life, you’d need to live on another 207 plus years to taste them all. Good luck on that one.

In any case, kudos to Pipes & Cigars. We are glad they  offer such a service, and I for one am going to take advantage of it.


[Author’s Note: Not to be confused with the original Paul Olson blend 11 called My Own Blend, and still sold today by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Denmark. A review of which can be found HERE. ]

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