Tobacco Free College & Universities List Grows

logo_anrAn article that hit the news wires this week announcing that the College of Charleston announced it would be joining fast growing list of tobacco free college and university campuses was not really all that surprising. We have seen it happening for years now. The ANR (Americans for Non-Smokers’ Rights) recently updated their web site to say that 925 campuses in the US are now tobacco free and 1,343 smoke free:

As of April 29, 2014, at least 1,343 college or university campuses in the U.S. have adopted 100% smokefree campus policies that eliminate smoking in indoor and outdoor areas across the entire campus, including residences. Of these, 925 are 100% tobacco-free, and 167 prohibit the use of e-cigarettes anywhere on campus. This number has grown from the 586 campuses with 100% smokefree campus policies of which we were aware of in October 2011 and 446 campuses in October 2010. We expect this number to continue to climb rapidly as a result of the growing social norm supporting smokefree environments, and support from within the academic community for such policies for campus health and well-being.

This is nothing more than the conquering of civil liberties masked in the guise of “public safety”. It used to be that American Colleges and Universities were bastions of free-thinking people. the fact that these institutions of higher education existed in such a manner in the world was a fact that s supported by the freedoms and liberties that this nation has been founded on. Research and policy in teaching used to be based on the axioms like “follow the facts wherever they might lead”, “share the truth at all times, even if that truth is inconvenient”. When studying journalism, we lived for opportunities to report on new truths, and investigative journalism was practiced and published.

love-a-pipe-smokerToday -it’s all jut a big mess. Colleges and Universities have their agendas built into their curriculum. Progressiveness is the new standard, and truth is no longer dogmatic, but subjective. Even science has lost this principal in that the rules of the scientific theory are no longer followed. The axioms of “follow the truth wherever it leads” have been replaced with “truth is what we tell you it is”, and “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. This is most certainly true when the civil liberties of those people who chose to partake in tobacco use are squashed by the progressivists in the name of public safety and health.

If the progressivists are truly about public safety and health issues on campuses, why are they not preaching abstinence when it comes to protecting our youth from STD’s and working equally hard to ban alcohol use on campuses and banning bars and taverns from the surrounding districts? Reason: it’s not about health at all. And if it were, it would be short-sighted to say the least, attacking a small and shrinking segment of the population. It is about forcing an agenda upon people who do not meet their pre-qualified demographic. It’s about forcing their progressive vews on people who disagree with them.

Whatever happened to live and let live? You know, the motto of so many of the progressive movements in the past, and still used often today?


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