Seattle Pipe Club POTY – 2014


Jack Howell Ben Acorn: SPC POTY 2014

As with most pipe clubs across the globe, the Seattle Pipe Club has chosen a Pipe of the Year for 2014. This year’s selection is being produced by famed domestic pipe artisan, Jack Howell from Pittsburgh, PA.

I did a quick highlight of Jack’s work in an Industry Highlight post some time ago, and his name came up again, when Jack was chosen as the artisan to produce the Pipe of the Year for Neill Archer Roan (based on a Comoy Bent Rhodesian number 284) back in 2013.

The selection of this year’s POTY 2014 brings to the Seattle Pipe Club a fantastic Howell design. The pipe is a Bent Acorn, a Jack Howell variation on a theme that was a sample of which was actually pictured in the Industry Highlight. Jack produced exemplary work in every field he participates in. Pipes are certainly no exception.

The Seattle Pipe Club POTY 2014 is selling for $350.00 each, with a limit of 1* per person.  For all the details of the POTY, go to the SPC  web site.



Jack Howell2Some notes on Jack:

Jack wasformerly principal clarinetist of the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, performed for two years as second clarinetist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra before joining the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as Associate Principal Clarinet.  He returned to Pittsburgh in 1999, now serves as Principal Clarinet of the Wheeling (WV) Symphony and Second Clarinet of the Pittsburgh Opera and Ballet Orchestras, and performs frequently with the Pittsburgh Symphony and other ensembles in the region.  A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, he has performed extensively as soloist and chamber musician in the West, including concerts for the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival aired on National Public Radio’s Performance Today.  He is an avid fly fisherman and builder of bamboo fly rods, and his book, The Lovely Reed:  An Enthusiast’s Guide to Building Bamboo Fly Rods, has been published by Pruett Books of Boulder, CO.


[*Edited 6-20-2014. re.- per customer limit change. Thanks Matt Guss.]




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