Tobacco Industry Research Reports: Astounding

malawi-tobaccoHave you ever wondered about the tobacco industry? How is its health financially? What are the trends? Is it an industry to capitalize on for investment purposes? In what countries is smoking in general and pipe smoking specifically seeing growth and why?

I’m not sure too many of us sit around pondering the trends is the industry. More likely we sit about puffing on our favorite blend enjoying the afternoon or evening, as much as we do wondering about anything with regards to the industry in general. As long as our favorite on-line shop or local tobacconist still has an inventory of our favorite blends, why give it too much thought after-all. Then again, some of us do wonder, and I’m one of them.

In trying to find some statistics on a comparison between European pipe use, and what in what appears to be a growing trend in pipe smoking in the US, I came across a fantastic fountain of information on just this subject. An organization called Euromonitor International offers global market research statistics and analysis of what they call “strategic business decisions”.  The EI group does extensive research into industries from apparel to tourism, and health to electronics – you name it. Just so happens, the tobacco industry is one of those researched, and it is done in fine fashion.

E.I. uses 6 company profiles, 75 Country reports and a global over-view to answer questions like:

  • What is the market size of smoking tobacco?
  • What are the major brands in smoking tobacco?
  • What is the equivalent consumption of RYO in terms of cigarette sticks?
  • Are there signs of migration from cigarettes to smoking tobacco?
  • Are unit prices of smoking tobacco more economical for the cigarette smoker?
  • RYO vs. pipe tobacco
  • and a great deal more

tobacco-harvest2The sample report on the US market reveals tidbits that are teasingly appealing. Projected growth rate of 1% in general with a 3% profit increase steady through 2017 (much of the growth potential being hedged against greater legislative restrictions), and pipe tobacco saw a 12% rise in sales in 2012. Much of this growth is attributed to the ‘Roll Your Own’ cigarette crowd however. Knowing this, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group checks in with the largest share of pipe tobacco sales in the US for that same time period as acquiring the Lane Group secured their market-share in both straight pipe tobacco brands and RYO as well. Just plain good business.

This research is not gained without cost, and for that reason the full report is sold by EI for $900.00. While this is a little much for a  tobacco news web site perhaps, it is something that every major producer of tobacco products in the US, and perhaps some pipe clubs might be interested in having. In any case Euromonitor International offers some real insight into the industry, and is a resource worth bookmarking for consumers, business owners and investors alike.






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