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In browsing the for estate pipes of my favorite types and brands as I so often so, and looking for news articles to share or subjects to write about, I came across this little gem. Never thought to look at amazon for smoking pipe hobby materials, but lo and behold, here they were.

There are a number of well known provider of pipe kits and beginner tools and materials, but this is a very exciting way to get some starter pipes to practice and hone your sanding, blasting and staining, and even filling skills without having to spend a great deal of money. These will not likely produce premier pipes when finished, but this is not the point.

starting any hobby can be expensive. In pipe crafting you are talking about eventual purchases of bench grinders (plural), a drill press and lathe. So getting started can prohibitively expensive. What better way to get a handle on whether this is a hobby you’d like to pursue than buying a couple of sets of pipes with all the hard work on them already done, and see how you can do at furnishings them off?

Here’s a set of four pipes, all standard billiards (although other shapes are available as well) that are for all intents and purposed done except for sanding staining and finish. All this for $29.95. While the seller, Barlow and Dorr are not saying who actually manufactures these units, they are shipping from Italy so, we do know something.

As soon as I get my ship set back up, I’m going to snag me a couple of these sets to test some new blast techniques, new staining methods and finish up just for gifts and giveaways.

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