Pipe Tobacco and Tea: Two Enjoyable Leaves

Photo Credit: E. Roberts © 2012 PipesMagazine.com

Are you, like myself, one who enjoys a great cup of tea? It seems that many pipe smokers do. I had known, but this article reinforces the fact that tea (of all varieties) is the most popular prepared beverage in the world, and second only to water in worldwide consumption. I just like a good cup of tea at work, and in the evening when/if I have time to enjoy a pipe.

Studying tea can be as exciting and informative as studying tobacco. We all like our favorite tobacco blends, and enjoy all the more trying to find our next favorite. Tea is the same way. To make matters all the more exciting, finding the right tea for your favorite tobacco adds yet another layer of excitement in the exploration of your relaxation and enjoyment.

This article, A Brief History of Two Leaves: Tea & Tobacco, over on the pipesmagazine.com site, authored by by E. Roberts is an excellent read. I encourage you all to give it a look.

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