CD Blend: Sutliff Private Stock is Growing on me


Sutliff Private Stock CD Blend, Courtesy Tacoma Tinder Box, with Kurt Huhn Blasted Magnum Billiard

After taking on the Navigator blend earlier last week, I wanted to devote some time to another blend from the Sutliff Private Stock series, the CD Blend.


A close-up look at the CD Blend components.

Altadis, USA really went out of their way with the Private Stock series of blends to provide real quality pipe tobacco blends that are not only high quality and enjoyable, but with reasoned direction for each and often with a storied heritage behind them. As Altadis tells the story,

The Altadis legacy of producing an affordable quality pipe tobacco has roots going as far back as the California Gold Rush. For it was in 1849 when Henry Sutcliff opened the first of his shops at 832 Kearny Street in San Francisco. Sutcliff’s shop initially boasted nineteen blends as well as prized Meerschaums and fine briar pipes. In 1950, a decision was made to move the thriving business eastward to be closer to the tobacco markets and in 1953 the current manufacturing plant was opened in Richmond, Virginia.

In the true tradition of providing the market the best tobaccos available for over 160 years, several traditional old-style blends have been brought back to life by Altadis under the brand name of Sutliff Private Stock”

For the CD blend, this is no exception. It has been blended with a history in mind, and the love of the pipe smoker in the soul of the blend. You see, the “CD” stands for Country Doctor. Country Doctor is a well known brand historically, and valued as a simple, yet tasteful blend that ads a level of sophistication to the old ‘drug-store’ brand tobaccos our grandfathers used to buy. What seems to have happened is that as the boutique tobaccos began to gain more favor among pipe smokers, that the simple, more traditional blends (that, let’s face it, were just as good if not better anyway), started to become harder to get. They weren’t as frequently asked for, and their profit margin isn’t the same for the retailers. Well, CD blend is here to fill that void. Altadis says, “Perfect for fans of Country Doctor. This remarkable blend is the cure-all for smoking nostalgia. Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Flake and Perique combine to provide that Old Time flavor”

There are a lot of reviews of Country Doctor to be had out there and even a few on this new CD Blend as well. It seems that strong

With a favorite modified semi-Cutty from Lorenzo.

With a favorite modified semi-Cutty from Lorenzo.

Latakia blends are an acquired taste. It is for this reason that almost all the reviews I’ve read, be they by publications, private reviewers or well known industry insiders, it seems every report emphasizes that while the Latakia notes are certainly present, and more so in the beginning of the bowl, that they seem to mellow as you go, with the Virginians and Burley always there.

My personal smoking experience was very similar. The tin note was strong and yet not nearly overpowering. The Virginians really tend to mellow the overall room aromas, and seem to do the same after being lit. Dryer than the Navigator blend I reviewed last week, but still amply moist, the CD blend lit easily and stayed lit for the length of the smoke. I almost lost the light on a couple of occasions during my relaxation trying to keep my German Short-haired Pointer from going into attack mode on our free ranging chickens, but alas, all was well.

The tobaccos in the tin seem to look just like it would smoke. I like that about about a tobacco blend, and in my adult immaturity have come to expect it as well. After all, a man should expect his intuition to be worth something! The Sutliff CD blend is a perfect combination of tobaccos adding a bit of fruity and nutty tones from the light leaf tobaccos supported by the Latakia. This is not a morning blend, or a mid-day smoke unless you are on a holiday. While not a full-blooded aromatic by any means, Sutliff CD blend is (to me) and after dinner, Sunday afternoon relaxation smoke that is calming and light. It is a great complimentary set to have both the CD and Navigator blends handy to fill each occasion.

cdblend4Neither of these are the do-all, end-all tobacco blends for pipe smokers. None should be. It is about experimenting and trying new blends, seeing what works for you at that time, and for that occasion. No matter what you have tried already, these Sutliff Private Stock blends have yet to let me down.
All the Sutliff blends, including the CD and Navigator blends can be purchased at the Tacoma Tinder Box.









This review brought to you by our sponsor the Tinder Box, Tacoma.

This review brought to you by our sponsor the Tinder Box, Tacoma.

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