Seattle Pipe Club Summer BBQ – Huge Success

[Editor’s Note: Re-posted from Facebook]
Author: Kevin Kaplan – member, Seattle Pipe Club

“This past weekend, the Seattle Pipe Club gathered for our annual Summer BBQ. Numerous DOT road construction projects and closures in the area were not enough to turn folks away. Not even the 80d weather!! Members from the Vancouver Club even drove down to join in the fun!! There were about 40 of us all together. We packed away lots of grilled brats, hot links, and pulled pork sandwiches and many

delicious dishes contributed by club members. 
The only negative: Between the heavy smoke belching from the grill and 40 pipes all going at once, we kept setting off the smoke alarms in the house (well, almost). Last, but not least, some celebration erupted over Matt Guss’ 60th birthday (next week). We were rewarded by Matt’s declaration, “that was by far the worse singing I’ve ever heard”. There were no arguments from the “choir”.”

Despite the event being reasonably close to me, I was unable to attend due to commitments at another job. What I can say is that the Seattle Pipe Club is consistently recognized as one of the finest Pipe Club organizations in North America. They are active, holding monthly meetings for business, pleasure, bragging, trading and a little lying  (a per-requisite for most all collectors organizations!), or so I’m told.
I have met several members on-line and have struck up some find friendships. Membership is welcomed and encouraged even from outside the Seattle area. They also have a Facebook presence as well with membership by invitation.

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