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I haven’t talked to Jarrod Coles of J&J Pipes for some time, but often bump into him or his comments on Facebook®. Well, yesterday he shared an image of a great looking pipe. It was green in color, with great grain and contrasts, sporting a beautiful German ebonite curved stem with flare – just stunning. It had quite a few people drooling – then as we read along, we found out that Jared had uncovered one of those buried flaws in the briar. BUMMER! We all hate to see all that work invested, only to find out that the block is really unusable. You can see this pipe pictured here at the right.But, that got the two of us talking. Looks like we are going to be doing some things together here soon, but in the mean time let’s just talk about what’s new with J&J.

While they do not yet have an assigned table number, Jarrod assures me that J&J will be at the West Coast Pipe Show coming up the first weekend in November, the 3rd and 4th at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. He also tells me that he has been quite busy. As of late, due to this little flaw in his Green Acorn/Blowfish. Let me explain…

When Jarrod shared the above image on his Facebook Page, there was such an outcry for that pipe, that he decided to make several more. His discovery of a flawed piece of briar turned into a boon for that style of pipe. Production has begin, and a limited number will be available soon.

Also, J&J are cranking out lots of new pipes all the time. Keep an eye on their web site for new and available pipes for sale. Plus, they will be working hard to prepare a good selection for the West Coast Show in November.

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