Gabriele Dal Fiume’s G-Tamper

I took a look at the person and works of the astounding Gabriele de Fiume a few months ago. You can see that full article here. After having published that piece, I received a really nice email from Gabriele himself offering to send me on of his tampers to try and review. Well, it arrived last week, and I’m excited, and already putting it to good use.

Gabriele makes a large selection of these tampers that he calls the “G” Tamper. Here’s how he explains how they work and why they are better:

“Most of my tampers are simple in the sense that they are made out of a single piece of wood, sometimes with remainings of the original bark to keep a rustic and natural look – to match my pipes.

I see the tamper as a necessary tool when you want a hazel free and relaxed smoke. That’s why the functionality has my utmost attention – just like when I’m making my pipes.

A traditional tamper has a 90° tamping surface that allows to press the ashes and tobacco straight downwards in the chamber. This is really not the optimal way to maintain a perfect draw and airflow in the burning tobacco, since all you are doing is compressing the tobacco and creating a “lid” of compressed ashes.

The tamping end of my tampers has a 45° cut in comparison to the traditional 90°.
This allows you to scoop and tamp the tobacco and ashes from the edges of the chamber towards the center where the combustion is more efficient. This will in effect create a rounded surface of the tobacco which allows a better airflow and maintains a lighter draw in the pipe.

You will be able to smoke your pipe all the way down in a slow and calm peace with just a little dry ashes at the button of the bowl. The walls in the tobacco chamber will be nice and clean.”

I’ve used this little tamper on pipes,m and even my Morgan Briar Cigar, and I love it! It came shipped in a really nice leather sleeve, and has taken up residence in my pipe bag for permanent use. Look for a full review soon.

You can find Gabriele’s web page about these G-Tampers HERE.

Where can you buy one: Click this link!

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