A Community Mourns the Loss of Craig Tarler

Craig Tarler and his wife Patty have been the owners and operators of Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobaccos. Craig, aged 82, passed away yesterday evening of September 4th, 2012.

Cornell & Diehl, in my opinion, have blended some of the finest pipe tobaccos in thew world. Their hands on method of cutting, blending, and the use of the best tobaccos they can get their hands on has assured a quality smoke for generations. Not only are the factory blends spectacular (several of them among my personal favorites as you may have read of here on the blog), but they are also custom blenders for a number of popular brand names that we have all come to know, love and respect such as G.L. Pease.

Cornell & Diehl is located in Morgantown, NC.

In an article posted on PipesMagazine.com, refers to a statement released this morning:

“For the past twenty three years Craig and his partner and love of his life Patty devoted themselves to their family and his great passion, pipe tobacco and pipe smokers. Craig found pipe smokers to be among the most interesting of the people he met during his rich and full life and years of traveling the world. His genuine love of people and friendly, outgoing and larger than life personality was evident to all who came in contact with him, whether by phone or in person. On many occasions visitors would come by to visit at Cornell & Diehl and all had the same reaction, that they felt they already knew Craig and Patty from getting to know them on the phone and felt they were visiting with an old friend on their first face to face meeting.”…

For the full article, please click this link.

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