Briar Bird Pipes

I’ve been working to get all of my pipe reviews lined up for 2013. I’ll be posting one per month over at, and while it may not be too difficult to get 12 new pipes, it can be rather trying to get 12 new, random, different, and talented pipe carvers to commit to the project. the fun part is, as I make contacts, I’m making friends, and I’m getting more and more excited about what 2013 is going to bring with regards to these reviews.

One of the contacts I’ve made is Jason (‘J’) Cochey, of Bellevue, OH. You might know him better as the proprietor of Briar Bird Pipes. While I have not had the pleasure to interview Jason yet, I was able to get some information from his web site, the Briar Bird Facebook Page, and other internet sources.

Briar Bird pipes has a distinctive logo that is highly recognizable. Good marketing from his standpoint, that’s for sure. Her also has a ‘style’ in pipe making that seems to have made its way to the forefront, that being bold, man-sized, mostly rusticated semi-bent pipes. These are not models for the ‘worthless and weak’ to quote the old SNL skit. They are hefty, large bowled, thick shanked pipes. One such model for which Jason may perhaps be best known currently, is the Magpie, which was selected as the 2012 TPC Pipe of the year. The Magpie fits that mold well, with a 1″ bowl, rusticated body with a dark stain, topped with a mesmerizingly beautiful white and black swirled acrylic stem. definitely, something to be proud of.

But, lest you all might fall prey to the idea that this is the only on which J can showcase his skills, he has a wonderful talent at carving that spans the exotic to the traditional – and he does them all very well. I’ve seen Lovat style pipes, traditional billiards, horns, and all sorts of well done designs carrying the distinctive Briar Bird cartouche. Her also has a penchant to use exotic materials like bone for shank extensions and accents. Truly quality work that carries and expression of something heirloom in quality, that will have value and appeal across an ocean of generations.

But don’t just take my word for it, listen to some of these customers of Briar Bird Pipes:

“I just got around to smoking the first half-bowl in the new briarbird. It smokes great! The draw is very open and I got a 35 minute smoke out of that half bowl of C & D Autumn Evening. I’d safely say Jason has got the engineering down pat in his pipes. Once fully broken in this pipe will easily be a 1+ hour smoker.”

Or this happy client:

“I own 2 of his pipes and they are superb smokers. Top notch. Jason is a great guy to deal with.”

Jason also blogs occasionally for TPC. you can find one such piece here. I’m really looking forward to reviewing his work up close and personal.

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