McClelland’s Bombay Court Personal Reserve

You ever have one of those, “right place at the right time moments”? I had one last Friday.

The Tinder Box in Tacoma, Washington is my home town tobacconist. I have shopped there for years, and when my writing began to take on a life of its own, Jeff Packer – owner of the Tinder Box Tacoma, stepped up almost immediately to sponsor my work. Jeff provides me with tobacco samples for testing, and for photography use, which I use in reviews and blog posts. But he also provides me with more. What I get from Jeff and his Tinder Box Store is about 75 years of tobacconist knowledge base that you will find hard to get just about anywhere else. Between Jeff and his elite staff, there is little that they cannot answer for the inquisitive mind.

So Friday night I’m at the Tinder Box for a Pipe Event. All tobaccos, pipes and pipe related items were 20% off and the crowd was pretty steady. I was able to meet some great people from in and around the Tacoma area, and have a few extended length conversations with Jeff and his staff. Next thing I know, Jeff pulls out a paper grocery sack full of tobaccos he purchased from an estate sale. There were some from a variety of brands that we looked over, and then Jeff asked me the question, “Do you want one of them?” I played coy, like I did not want to burden him, or that there was no need for him to make such an offer, but inside, I knew what I wanted right away –

I had been eying this 100 gram tin of McClelland Personal Reserve Bombay Court the entire time. It became mine. SCORE! Right place, right time, right friends!

I chose the tin carefully and immediately Jeff had me turn it over, and using another McClelland tin as an example, showed me the stamped code on the bottom of the tin. The stamping encodes within it the tin number, lot number, and year of manufacture. In this case 350699 means:

Tin#      35
Lot#     06
Year#   99

This can has been aging in the tin since 1999! Man, I was all the more excited, and now, almost afraid to open it. Almost…

The day will come when I get into this tin, but today is not the day.  I’ll save it for a special pipe or review at some point. But the day will come. 

Thanks to Jeff Packer and to McClelland for making my day!

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