Pipes From Sweeden Captures the Hearts of the World

I have seen pictures and read about these new Stiff Pipes from Sweeden before. They do look like nice work, and have an ‘avant garde’ appeal to them, reminding one in a way of late 1950’s and early 1960’s furniture, but cool nonetheless. As a collector, I think that these pipes will soon become something that each serious collector will want to have in his archives. However, I’m reserving serious judgement as a smoker until I can get my hands on one, which will not be any time soon considering the selling price is currently around the $800.00 mark.

The internet is abuzz with talk about these pipes. The really exciting thing is, that it is not the typical pipe world people that are talking about it. It is urban professionals, art critics, general retail consumers outlets that would normally balk at smoking products, and the new-edgy media and big name pop-bloggers. Funniest of all, media outlets and bloggers can’t help writing about it – even though they are anti-smoking and anti-tobacco! It seems that Stiff Pipes are so cool, that people are falling on their own politically correct swords just to share about them. How funny!

With headlines like, “So Handsome You’ll Wish You Were a Smoker“, and tag-lines like, “If you are going to smoke you may as well make it count“, you’d think this pipe was the next great fad like poodle skirts, penny-loafers or pet rocks.  But in the words of Si Robertson, “HEY“, let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth – this is driving people to take a look at and consider smoking pipes. Can more more pipe smokers be a bad thing – I guess that remains to be seen, but in the short term, this excitement and advertising has people’s blood pumping for pipes.

I’ll take it!


Pipe smoking gets a fresh new look courtesy of Swedish designers Stiff

Posted by James Cartwright, Monday 12 November 2012
 “We’re not condoning pipe smoking (much), in fact we’d be inclined to suggest that inhaling tobacco smoke through a wooden receptacle probably isn’t the best idea you’ve had all week. But let’s just say for argument’s sake that you’re an enormous fan of this luxurious, effulgent pastime and you’re in the market for a new piece of hardware to meet your smoky requirements. Wouldn’t you like it if the pipe in your hands was as sartorially elegant and well-crafted as the shoes on your feet? We don’t know…”

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