Changes for Altadis / Sutliff Brand

A couple reports have come out lately detailing the sale of the Altadis Tobacco Group to Denmark based MacBaren Tobacco Company. Quoting an article on, “MacBaren Tobacco Company of Denmark has agreed to buy the Pipe Tobacco Division of Altadis USA in Richmond, Virginia. The transfer of ownership will be final on or about May 1, 2013”

There is much history in the Sutliff name, as it has been treated as a journeyman closing pitcher over the last hundred years moving between companies as it was bought, sol, leveraged and merged into different ownership groups. But with this move we will see a concentrated revitalization of the Sutliff name, a point I’m particularly proud of, as I am a Sutliff blend fan. Sutliff Private Stock blends have made their way into my heart, and Navigator Blends in particular, has become a go-to favorite of mine. I blogged about it HERE.

For  you cigar fans, Altadis is still in business and expanding their cigar side of the market now that they have released/abandoned the pipe tobacco side of the house by selling off Sutliff. You can read more about that HERE.

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