Semois Pipe Tobacco: A Culture of Itself

Joachim Ladefoged for The New York Times

Like so many other things in life that are sensory enjoyments, the best ones are also some of the most rare or hard to get. Beluga Cavier, Faberge eggs, original recordings of Robert Johnson, an authentic french Truffle, or Semois Pipe tobacco?

Well, live and learn, and this was a new on one me, but what a fine lesson I’ve learned. Not to mention the fact that I now have a keen interest in acquiring some. I have a feeling that as hits information gets passed via the internet, that demand will increase just as quickly as the “Likes” pile up on Facebook.

This article was penned by Vincent Manil, and appeared in the New York Times just today.

We were somewhere around Barolo on the edge of the Italian wine country when my wife’s 68-year-old uncle, Dario, lurched forward in the driver’s seat, fished a small leather pouch from the floorboard and threw it in my lap. “Semwaz!” he cried, as if this were the answer to everything. 

I had no idea what the word meant, but inside the pouch, I found the strangest pipe tobacco I’d ever seen. It was dry and brittle and smelled like a barn, and if anyone else had given it to me, I’m sure I would have tossed it back. But Dario was a special case. In the years I’d known him, he introduced me to some of the best mushrooms, moonshine and cigars I ever tasted, and if he now recommended this packet of old straw, it seemed only fair to try it. 

As I lighted the first bowl, what struck me was…
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