About Briar Meditations

The goal of Briar Meditations is to share news and information about the pipe &pipe smoking industry, and now tea and coffee as well.

Our desire is to share this information with other pipe smoking and pipe collecting hobbyists and enthusiasts in a way that is refreshing and novel in the world of on line journalism.

Because of the close connection of pipe smokers to other activities such as drinking coffee and tea, we have recently added these subject matters to the palette of news and information as well. In the process, the idea is to build a community of like minded enthusiasts who can stay in contact through the wildly popular world of social media networks.

Keenly using marketing skills and applying that knowledge base to the smoking pipe, coffee and tea industries, bouncing ideas off of, and gaining advice and insight from pipe crafters and hobbyists around the globe, it’s easy to see the heart and direction in the writing shared, and why Briar Meditations has gained in popularity.

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